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During this time, as we are unable to meet for corporate worship, James Yeager and our church staff have graciously provided music selections to accompany your at-home worship and meditation.

We invite you to listen meditatively to the following music. Special thanks to James Yeager, who selected recordings of considerable beauty for your meditation.

Music of Solace, Healing and Wellness (#6) - March 31, 2020

If we look back in time, a very distant time, we may find that ancient music and poems offer us perspective. This music from 13th century France, though complex, has a simple message, "A new season brings beauty and love to lessen or even end our pain.”  You can listen to this without studying it, only experiencing the sounds as pure beauty when lilting melodies intertwine. Beauty is its own reward. Just as one can look at medieval art and architecture and appreciate it unexplained. If you wish, however, you can read the words and translation of the four texts that are combined to create a view of love that has as many facets as a stained glass window. The medieval composer probably had no intention for the listeners to understand the words all layered together this way. Rather, the aim was to remain mystical and mysterious— a puzzle only God can comprehend fully. But we can nevertheless sense the beauty.
~ J.A.Y.

Motet: Plus bele que flor/Quant revient/L’autrier joer/Flos filius eius


Here are the four poems that are sung simultaneously:

1. Plus bele que flor est, ce m’est avis, cele a qui m’ator.  Tant com soie vis, n’avra de m’amor joie ne delis  autre més la flor qu’est de paradis:  mere est au Signour, qui si voz a mis, et nos a retor veut avoir tot dis.

Translation: More beautiful than a flower, methinks, is she to whom I turn. As long as I live no one but the flower that is from Paradise will have joy or delight from my love: she is the mother of the Lord, who indeed created you and wants to keep us safe forever.

2. Quant revient et fuelle et flor contre la seison d’esté, Deus! Adonc me sovient d’amors qui toz jors m’a cortois et doz esté. Molt aim ses secors, car sa volenté m’alege de mes dolors; molt me vient bien en henors d'estre a son gré.

Translation: When both leaf and flower return towards the summer season, Lord! Then I am reminded of love which has always been courteous and gentle to me. Much do I love its aid, for its will alleviates my pains; much good and honour come to me from following its pleasure.

3. L’autrier joer m’en alai par un destor; En un vergier m’en entrai pour queillir flor. Dame plesant I trovai, cointe d’atour. Cuer ot gai; Si chantoit en grant esmai: Amors ai. Qu’en ferai? C’est la fin, la fin, que que nus die, j’ameri!

Translation: The other day I wandered off to play; I entered a grove to pick a flower: there I found a winsome lady, elegantly dressed. Her heart was gay, yet she sang in great dismay: I have a love. What shall I do? This is the end, the end, whatever anyone says, I will love!

4. Virgo dei genitrix virga est flos filius eius

Translation: The Virgin mother of God is the branch, the flower her son.



A strong tradition of quality music exists at our church. Several choirs are available to children, youth, and adults. In addition, professional local musicians and groups often contribute to our worship services. James Yeager, Director of Music, is in charge of the choir and music programs.

Music Programs and Events at FPC

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March 16 All Choir Rehearsals and Music Events Are Suspended until Further Notice. We are following the CDC guidelines for safety and the wellness of our church staff and congregation.