Music Programs and Events at FPC

During this time, as we are unable to meet for corporate worship, James Yeager and our church staff have graciously provided music selections to accompany your at-home worship and meditation. 

We invite you to listen meditatively to the following music, selected for their considerable beauty. A complete playlist of music selections can be viewed and listened to in the MUSIC FOR SOLACE, HEALING, AND WELLNESS tab in the menu in the right-hand side of this page.

Music for Solace, Healing, and Wellness 68.  

Sinfonietta for Orchestra     Leoš Janáček [25:41]
London Symphony Orchestra      Sir Simon Rattle—Conductor

Leoš Janáček [1854-1928] whose birthday was July 3 made his mark as a the most prominent Czech composer since Antonin Dvořák. His music is both nationalistic and modern without losing a universal appeal. The Sinfonietta begins with a wonderful brass fanfare as if to say “pay attention” and over the four movements we find more than enough reason to do so. It is glorious music and the craft and cleverness are on full display. He was also an organist who contributed significantly to the organ repertoire.

~ J.A.Y.

Music for Solace, Healing, and Wellness 67.

Motet: "When David Heard That Absalom Was Slain” Eric Whitacre [17:38]
Eric Whitacre Singers Eric Whitacre—Director

Earlier in this playlist (#35) came Eric Whitacre’s spectacular virtual choir singing his “Lux aurumque” an impressive technical feat (the video) as well as stunning musically. Here we have a modern approach to the ancient text from 2 Samuel 18:33 (see # 64, 65 & 66). Like Tomkins and Weelkes, Whitacre deftly portrays the deepest grief but clothed in modern art’s dissonant reality. People sometimes complain about dissonance in modern art (both visual and aural). Yet authentic art must reflect its epoch and time in all its truths. Our world is rife with dissonance and disharmony unlike perhaps any other age. Our world suffers in ways unimaginable before two world wars, terrorism, racism and global pandemic. So our music to be true cannot but voice the uncomfortable. Whitacre’s take on David’s grief expands grief beyond this world’s horizons. Give it more than one listen.
~ J.A.Y


A strong tradition of quality music exists at our church. Several choirs are available to children, youth, and adults. In addition, professional local musicians and groups often contribute to our worship services. James Yeager, Director of Music, is in charge of the choir and music programs.

Music Programs and Events at FPC

Upcoming Music Program Events

Date Event
March 16 All Choir Rehearsals and Music Events Are Suspended until Further Notice. We are following the CDC guidelines for safety and the wellness of our church staff and congregation.