Music Programs and Events at FPC

During this time, as we are unable to meet for corporate worship, James Yeager and our church staff have graciously provided music selections to accompany your at-home worship and meditation. 

We invite you to listen meditatively to the following music, selected for their considerable beauty. A complete playlist of music selections can be viewed and listened to in the MUSIC FOR SOLACE, HEALING, AND WELLNESS tab in the menu in the right-hand side of this page.

Music for Solace, Healing, and Wellness 78. 

Song #3 “Welcome Sweet and Sacred Feast”   Gerald Finzi [8:34]
The Finzi Singers,  Harry Bicket, Organ, Paul Spicer, Director

Gerald Finzi (1901-1956) wrote this extraordinary anthem in 1953. Certainly speaks to us in this time of distress poignantly.
The text is from “The Holy Communion” by the Welsh metaphysical poet Henry Vaughan (1622-1695). Follow along the poet’s words below. 

Welcome sweet, and sacred feast; welcome life! Dead I was, and deep in trouble; But grace, and blessings came with thee so rife, That they have quicken’d even drie stubble; Thus soules their bodies animate, And thus, at first, when things were rude, Dark, void, and Crude They, by thy Word, their beauty had, and date; All were by thee, And stil must be, Nothing that is, or lives, But hath his Quicknings, and reprieves As thy hand opes, or shuts; Healings, and Cuts, Darkness, and day-light, life, and death Are but meer leaves turn’d by thy breath Spirits without thee die, And blackness sits On the divinest wits, As on the Sun Ecclipses lie. But that great darkness at thy death When the veyl broke with thy last breath, Did make us see The way to thee; And now by these sure, sacred ties, After thy blood (Our sov’rain good,) Had clear’d our eies, And given us sight; Thou dost unto thy self betroth Our souls, and bodies both In everlasting light. Was’t not enough that thou hadst payd the price And given us eies When we had none, but thou must also take Us by the hand And keep us still awake, When we would sleep, Or from thee creep, Who without thee cannot stand? Was’t not enough to lose thy breath And blood by an accursed death, But thou must also leave To us that did bereave Thee of them both, these seals the means That should both cleanse And keep us so, Who wrought thy wo? O rose of Sharon! O the Lilly Of the valley! How art thou now, thy flock to keep, Become both food, and Shepheard to thy sheep.

~ J.A.Y.


A strong tradition of quality music exists at our church. Several choirs are available to children, youth, and adults. In addition, professional local musicians and groups often contribute to our worship services. James Yeager, Director of Music, is in charge of the choir and music programs.

Music Programs and Events at FPC

Upcoming Music Program Events

Date Event
March 16 All Choir Rehearsals and Music Events Are Suspended until Further Notice. We are following the CDC guidelines for safety and the wellness of our church staff and congregation.