Music Programs and Events at FPC

During this time, as we are unable to meet for corporate worship, James Yeager and our church staff have graciously provided music selections to accompany your at-home worship and meditation. 

We invite you to listen meditatively to the following music, selected for their considerable beauty. A complete playlist of music selections can be viewed and listened to in the MUSIC FOR SOLACE, HEALING, AND WELLNESS tab in the menu in the right-hand side of this page.

Music for Solace, Healing, and Wellness 77.

"Sing Gently" Eric Whitacre [3:20, 10:32 with credits]
Virtual Choir 6

17,572 singers united in one splendid musical virtual choir. If nothing else the technical wizardry of such a video is astonishing. This is one of several Whitacre virtual choir offerings in my playlist (do look for them below in the complete list). What better way to celebrate the e pluribus unum concept so needed in our time of distress.

~ J.A.Y.

Music for Solace, Healing, and Wellness 76.

Toccata in G Minor BWV 915      Johann Sebastian Bach [8:49]
Edward Parmentier, Harpsichord

Bach composed seven solo harpsichord works (BWV 910-916) entitled “toccata” likely written between 1707 and 1717 during his employment as court musician for the Duke of Weimar. The twenty-something-year old Bach had become a force to be reckoned with and these toccatas are evidence of his precocious brilliance and vigor. Toccata is an Italian term derived from the verb “toccare” meaning “to touch.” It is music that evolves from the hands and fingers sensual exploration of the keyboard. Toccatas originated in 17th century Italy and France with improvisatory whimsy rather than rigid craft. But with Bach craft and structure mirror a mind so ingenious that even improvisatory music turns into a sonic tour de force. The G minor Toccata begins with a grand gesture—a flourish followed by the slow improvisatory “touching.” From here Bach alternates moods from vivacious joy to pensive hovering. A grand double fugue echoes the joy like a jig theme first heard right side up then later upside down (inverted). The piece ends as it began with a wild flourish, as if to say, OK ta ta, that’s enough.  This truly is music to lift the soul, heart, and mind!

~ J.A.Y.

p.s. Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis = BWV or cataloged index of his music


A strong tradition of quality music exists at our church. Several choirs are available to children, youth, and adults. In addition, professional local musicians and groups often contribute to our worship services. James Yeager, Director of Music, is in charge of the choir and music programs.

Music Programs and Events at FPC

Upcoming Music Program Events

Date Event
March 16 All Choir Rehearsals and Music Events Are Suspended until Further Notice. We are following the CDC guidelines for safety and the wellness of our church staff and congregation.