The mission of this committee is to engage our members in meaningful and enjoyable events, both within our congregation and in our larger community.  This includes congregational activities such as Isotopes baseball games and the Lunch Bunch as well as organizing community events such as Clean Up Days.  The committee also supports a speakers program, various church retreats and is responsible for the Church’s publicity and advertising programs.  

Community Life include the following:

Community Events:. 

Families with Young Children ~ A Fellowship group centered around Young families. Special events are planned monthly. Here are the most recent happenings with community life events. 


Annual Women's Retreat is held every fall, as a way for the women of our church to grow spiritually and have fellowship together.

Annual Men's Retreat is held every Spring, as a way for the men of our church to grow spiritually and have fellowship together.

Annual Fall Family Camp is held at Ghost Ranch every September and is a multi-generational event.


FPC Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Meetings

We invite the men of FPC - and friends of the church - to join together on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30am for fellowship and prayer. Our June meeting for the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast will take place on the 6th at 7:30am in Fellowship Hall at FPC. We are asking that those who plan to attend please sign up on the roster in the church office. This way, we will have breakfast enough for all who come.



Fall Camp at Ghost Ranch 

If you have never been to this event, or if you have been coming for decades, plan now to come to beautiful Ghost ranch, enjoy God’s creation, and spent time with your church family and friends. You may choose between camp sites (bring your own camping gear) or private rooms with dormitory style bathrooms. We also have a limited number of private rooms with private bathrooms. You can choose the meals you wish to eat in the dining hall. Sunday breakfast is free to everyone! Registration is now open and you can get the registration forms by contacting the church office.

Georgia O’Keefe landscape tours and horseback rides may be available, but you will need to contact the ranch to schedule and pay for these events on your own. 

There are scholarships available. 

The Community Life program at FPC is an important part of building Christian relationships with one another. We often find support, friendship, relaxation and strengthening of family ties through these activities. They are also a great way for new or non-involved members to get to know others in the Church. We provide both church-wide activities as well as small groups. Fellowship events are an area where your participation really makes a difference in you and your family as well as the healthy life of the Church. We encourage our members to ATTEND these events and INVITE family and friends and visitors to do the same. We are called to spread the good news of God's living word and healthy contact with one another is what Christian Fellowship is all about!