Helpline is an outreach program of First Presbyterian church. Some of the services of Helpline include:

  • Checks regularly by telephone on members who are homebound or hospitalized or in nursing homes
  • Schedules minister and deacon visits to homebound members and the hospitalized
  • Arranges home communion visits twice annually for each homebound member (provided by a minister, an elder and a deacon together)
  • Arranges many other services for our members and friends.

Helpline does not and cannot provide money to anyone! However, for those in financial need, our church provides this help by supporting other community agencies that are better equipped to provide this service. These same agencies refer people to our church for the kind of help that we are better equipped to provide.

If you are in financial need contact one of the following agencies:

John Marshall Multi Service Center
1500 Walter SE

Noon Day
101 Broadway NE

Albuquerque Rescue Mission
525 2nd St. SW