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Sunday School

Christian Education

Christian Education at FPC 

Sunday School (10:00am)

This year, as we are all facing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Sunday School offerings will be hosted via Zoom Meetings following our Sunday Worship Service. We encourage families to attend any of our Christian Education classes at any time throughout the year. For information about the Zoom Meeting links and details for each class, please contact Libby Engdahl Whiteley, our Christian Education Director. 

Sunday School will begin its Summer Quarter on May 30, 2021. We hope you can join us for Adult Sunday School and Through the Bible Classes on Zoom. 


Children ages 3 through 8th Grade participate in "Godly Play". This Montessori-based program is a unique approach to religious education, inviting children to wonder about themselves, God and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful to them.  Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages them to use their curiosity and imagination to experience the mystery and joy of God. All of our teachers and volunteers attend Safe Church Training and submit to a background check. Godly Play Sunday School breaks for the summer months, beginning May 30th - July 31st. We will resume classes in August of 2021.

Our teachers follow the PCUSA "Godly Play" and "We Believe" curriculum, which teaches children who God is, who and whose they are, and what they are called to be and do. Our "Gateways to Worship" program offers kindergarteners a year of introductory lessons to worship, sacraments and the church year.


Adults have several Sunday School options, as well!

Starting May 30th and running through August 15th, Christian Education is offering a video course, “How Jesus Became God,” taught by Prof. Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The class will be taught via Zoom starting at 10:00am. This year, we will offer the first half of the series (1-12). The discussion will be led by Rev. Dr. Frank Yates. A course syllabus will be available at the start of the class.



Resurrection 101: A Post Easter Study of the Risen Christ

A new Adult Sunday School Class entitled, Resurrection 101: A Post Easter Study of the Risen Christ will begin this weekend, led by Dr. Frank Yates. This course will examine many angles of vision regarding the resurrection. We will look at the Hebrew Scriptures; the debates between Sadducees and  Pharisees; the resurrection narratives in the Four Gospels, how they are similar and dissimilar; the preaching of the    Risen Christ in the Acts of the Apostles; the theology of Paul; and the other writings of the New Testament.

We will also address the notion of resurrection in the world religions (especially Islam), the Platonic notion of the immortality of the soul, and the various versions of reincarnation and Nirvana. We will also address the philosophical and scientific objections to resurrection. 

Finally, we will consider our faith affirmations which say: "I believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting" and, "We look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come."  Please join us online on Sunday morning at 10:30am from April 11th to May 23rd. This course will take place during the Adult Sunday School slot.

If you missed it, you can watch Rev. Frank's weekly lectures on YouTube by clicking on the following links:

Week 1, 4-11-21:

Week 2, 4-18-21:

Week 3, 4-25-21:

Week 4: 5-2-21:

Week 5: 5-9-21:

Week 6: 5-16-21:

Week 7: 5-23-21:


Through the Bible Class meets at 9:45am every Sunday following the Outdoor, In-Person, Worship Service, using The Present Word curriculum. This class meets in-person in the Kerygma Room at First Presbyterian Church. For more details, please contact Libby Engdahl Whiteley, our Christian Education Director.