Presbyterian Men

FPC Men’s Fellowship Breafast Meeting:

We invite the men of FPC - and friends of the church - to join together on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30am for fellowship and prayer. Our December meeting for the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast will take place on December 6th at 7:30am in Fellowship Hall at FPC. We are asking that those who plan to attend please sign up on the roster in the church office. This way, we will have breakfast enough for all who come.

First Presbyterian Men’s Spring Retreat:

Christian men get away, for a time filled with prayer, devotion, study, mission, fellowship and good eats.  The retreat commences at on a Friday and adjourns after a post-worship breakfast on Sunday.  Notification is provided in mid-winter by Bulletin, Messenger, postcard, and this website.  We retreat:

• To share and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
• To strengthen men’s relationship with God
• To involve men more in our church and its many activities
• To create and sustain a place for men in the our church
• To further define men’s role with Christ
• To strengthen men’s role within the family
• To identify common interest among the men of our church
• To develop stronger bonds with men in our church
• To encourage more men to come to church
• To help grow our church and the ministry of Jesus Christ in our world