Health Ministry

The Health Ministry Committee exists to provide education and leadership in our church by striving to assist its members and friends to make the most appropriate choices for health in their lives based on Christian principles and current knowledge regarding health and wholeness.

Health Ministry at First Presbyterian Church includes the Parish Nurse Program and Monthly blood pressure screenings. It carries out its task by assessing the wellness needs of individuals, families, and the congregation at large. It meets those needs through health promotion, the Parish Nurse Program, educational programs, dissemination of information, referral services, and periodic health screenings. The work of Health Ministry supports the pastoral ministries provided by the Board of Deacons, the Helpline Office, and the Professional staff.

Healthy Lifestyles

by the Health Ministries Committee

Have you ever wondered:

  • About the relationship between health and the ministries of your church?
  • Why a Health Ministries Committee at First Presbyterian Church, anyway?

As society continues to recognize a relationship of physical and emotional health with spiritual health, churches have increased their role in assisting congregants and others to achieve a balanced sense of well-being.

In November 1997 First Presbyterian Church inaugurated a parish nurse program. For some years now, the parish nurse movement has been present in churches of all denominations throughout the U.S. Parish nurses are a recognized entity within the Presbyterian Church USA, and annually, national Presbyterian parish nurse seminars are held in Santa Fe, NM and Richmond, VA.

Initially under the Board of Deacons and operating as an arm of Helpline, FPC parish nurses have assisted in home visits to members when requested by clergy or family members. However, in the past year, the parish nurse concept at FPC has broadened beyond home visits to include intergenerational health education and prevention programs. To denote this more encompassing mission the name of the former Health Advisory Committee was changed to Health Ministries. The committee also was repositioned as a subgroup of the Session's Mission Committee.

The Health Ministries Committee serves as an arm of mission to the congregation and to the world community. While the work of the committee continues to support pastoral ministries and the Helpline Office, Health Ministries is planning expanded activities in health education and prevention. Other possibilities include cooperative projects with the Mission Committee. The current committee membership of 11 includes individuals from a wide variety of health professions and from the congregation-at-large as well as a representative group of parish nurses.

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