Intergenerational Opportunities

Intergenerational Opportunities

Our Christian Education Department offers several Intergenerational opportunities throughout the year.  Libby Whiteley, Director of Christian Education, along with the Program staff plans and prepares the following:

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Advent Evening Events
  • Lenten Evening Events


“How can we imagine the gracious, compassionate love of God for the created world?  ‘The whole creation is groaning in labor pains until now,’ we read in the New Testament.  Creation waits to be set free from its bondage to decay in order to share in the glorious freedom of the children of God, who are themselves groaning while waiting in hope for the redemption of their bodies (Romans 8:18 – 25).

Many Theologians have written of human redemption, but how in our day can we understand cosmic redemption? At a time of advancing ecological devastation, what would it mean to rediscover this biblical sense of the natural world groaning, hoping, waiting for liberation?  What would it mean for the churches’ understanding, practice, and prayer to open the core Christian belief in salvation to include all created beings?”

So begins the book, Creation and the Cross, The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril by Elizabeth Johnson. This text will be the focus of our Lenten Discussion groups that will begin the first week of March (March 4th).  Matthew Miller will lead a group at noon on Wednesdays, and Stephanie and Libby will lead a group Wednesdays at 5:30pm in the Kerygma Room.

Possession of and reading the book is not required of participants, but will be helpful.  There are currently two copies in our church library.  The book is also available on Kindle, and we will order books for those who request them.  Please sign up for books in the church office.  Donations for the cost of the books will be accepted. The order will be placed by February 16, so they will be available before class begins.