Intergenerational Opportunities

Intergenerational Opportunities

Our Christian Education Department offers several Intergenerational opportunities throughout the year. The Program staff plans and prepares the following:

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Advent Evening Events
  • Lenten Evening Events



Rev. Matthew Miller will be leading a Lenten Book Study from March 1st—April 5th. We will be reading the book, Elusive Grace by Scott Black Johnston. How can we as people of faith reconcile the call to participate in God's ongoing struggle for justice while not losing our souls to hatred? How can we love our enemies in this time? Scott Black Johnston believes that there is a way to pursue this difficult work and that people of faith can light the way. He encourages us to recommit to our highest principles--our virtues--and to turn hearts poisoned by cynicism into instruments of love.

Participants will have the opportunity to join each Wednesday at 12:00pm in person, or via Zoom at 5:30pm. Books and sign up sheets are available in the church office.