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Oct. 25 - Oct. 30th

10/25 at 10am to 10/30 at 12pm

Oct 30

Join your brothers and sisters in Christ for virtual worship on Sunday

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Nov 1

We invite you to learn and grow with our Sunday School Zoom Classes

Sunday School

10:30am and 11:30am

Nov 1

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First Presbyterian Church

We are a warm, friendly and caring community of over 700 – and growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We reside throughout the vast Albuquerque Metropolitan region and hold a range of views across…...

Virtual Worship and Connection

Join us online with First Presbyterian Church of Albuquerque for our live-stream worship service, Sunday November 1st at 9:00am

In honor of All Saints' Day, this worship service will also include a reading of the FPC members who have passed on to Life Eternal.

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October 31

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October 31, 2020 Prayer Focus: 

Good morning, friends. On this Saturday before election day in a world so full of anxiety and divisions, may we all find a moment to rest and reflect today as we pray for our country and the unknown week ahead.

Grant, O God, that your… Keep Reading