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FPC AquaPonics

FPC AquaPonics

First Presbyterian Joins the Cutting Edge Food Production Movement

In the August Messenger, the Mission Committee provided an update of the work of the Garden Committee’s work.  The discussion about our church working to feed the hungry in our community started out with thoughts of a generic garden using the open areas around the church.  As the various members researched the issues and challenges of such a project, we were lead to “look outside the box” and the result was an trial aquaponics setup in the Southwest Room.  It is now up and running and the Aqua Garden Mission Team has been getting some hands on experience getting the system running and growing. 

As it turns out we were thinking outside the box, but not that far outside. Aquaponics growing systems have seen wider acceptance and development over the past 5-10 years in a growing effort to be more responsible in how we use our resources. Food production has moved to the forefront when discussing ways to become not only more environmentally responsible, promote healthy eating and support local members of our community. Aquaponics is also a great tool to teach our future generations about sustainability and care for our environment. Aquaponics systems have the ability to grow several types of food, use less power, and conserve our limited water.

What are the next steps for our church and its new garden?  There are so many possibilities.  We are limited only by our imaginations.  We already have interest from teachers to bring their students to see it.  We could use it to teach the church members and wider community about the benefits of this type of raising food.  We can feed the hungry.  We encourage all of our members to visit the garden and then share with us your ideas and vision for future steps.